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Have you struggled with your Deck lately? Do you need help, or do you just want to show off? On this page, I invite you all to post your Decks (list Monster Cards, Trap Cards, and Spell Cards). I will write a blog about every Deck posted on this page about how it can get better or just how awesome your Deck is. Be sure to post your Deck on this page.

  1. Here’s my Deck

    Monster Cards

    Exodia the Forbidden One x2
    Right Arm of the Forbidden One x2
    Left Arm of the Forbidden One x2
    Right Leg of the Forbidden One x2
    Left Leg of the Forbidden One x2
    Sangan x3
    Witch of the Black Forest x3
    Obsidian Dragon x2
    Destiny Hero Defender x2

    Spell Cards

    Magical Mallet x1
    Mystical Space Typhoon x1
    Swords of Revealing Light x2
    Scapegoat x1
    Painful Choice x1
    Pot of Greed x2
    Pot of Avarice x2

    Trap Cards

    Gravity Bind x2
    Dust Tornado x1
    Negate Attack x1
    Threatening Roar x1
    Sakuretsu Armor x1
    Raigeki Break x1
    Mirror Force x2
    Dark Mirror Force x1

    This is my Exodia Deck. Obsidian Dragon and Destiny Hero Defender have high DEF that will eat up turns until I assemble the 5 pieces of Exodia. Magical Mallet will allow me to put the same piece in my Deck (if I have 2 Right Leg of the Forbidden Ones in in my hand at the same time) and then draw 1 card or more depending on how many cards I choose. This gets me even closer to forming Exodia. When Sangan and Witch of the Black Forest are destroyed, then I get a monster from my Deck with 1500 ATK or less (Sangan) or a monster with 1500 DEF or less (Witch of the Black Forest). Swords of Revealing Light eats up 3 of your opponent’s turns. That’ 3 extra cards that go to your hand before your opponent can attack. Gravity Bind can prevent you and your opponent from attacking monsters that are Level 4 and higher. Gravity Bind will eat up loads of turns for you to assemble the 5 pieces of Exodia. If your opponent has a Level 3 or lower monster, then Negate Attack and Threatening Roar will stop your opponent stone cold. Sakurestu Armor and Raigeki Break allow you to destroy the unwanted cards. To wipe out every monster on your opponent’s side of the field, then use Mirror Force and Dark Mirror Force. If your opponent uses a powerful Trap or Spell Card (especially 1 that inflicts loads of damage), then you can use a Mystical Space Typhoon or a Dust Tornado to destroy that card. With this Deck, you can stall for time until you get the 5 pieces of Exodia.

  2. with even 1 pot of greed, this deck is not legal by tournament standards, as pot of greed is banned from tournament format. since this deck is illegal, i’ll suggest a quicker way of getting exodia. put butterfly dagger-elma in the deck, as well as gearfried the iron knight and royal magical library.
    with gearfreid and royal magical library out on the field, equip the dagger to gearfreid. royal magical library gets a counter, then the dagger is destroyed by gearfried’s effect. due to the dagger’s effect, it was destroyed while equipped, so it goes back to the hand so you can repeat the process. every time royal magical library has 3 counters, remove them to draw a card. you’ll wind up drawing your whole deck, and be able to get every piece of exodia in 1 turn.

    this strategy is actually what got the dagger banned.

  3. these are the blueprints to my skull servant takeover deck it’s a zombie deck that DOESN’T rely on zombie world for it’s power.


    skull servant x3
    wightmare x3
    the lady in wight x3
    king of the skull servants x3
    pyramid turtle x3
    soul-absorbing bone tower x2
    zombie master x2
    morphing jar x1

    swords of revealing light x2
    monster reborn x1
    boook of life x3
    card destruction x1
    hand destruction x2
    dark world dealings x1
    foolish burial x1
    a feather of the phoenix x1
    dark hole x1
    lightning vortex x1

    call of the haunted x2
    mirror force x1
    torrential tribute x1
    gravity bind x2


    basically, wightmare and lady in wight count their names as “skull servant” while in the graveyard, and they both have awesome effects that i’m not gunna go into. with them plus the actual skull servants in the grave, i could have three king of the skull servants with up to 9000 atk. morphing jar, card destruction, and hand destruction help me to draw cards and put the skull servants in the grave, as well as take apart my opponent’s deck, for some nice milling. monster reborn, book of life, call of the haunted and zombie master let me bring king of the skull servants back if he dies, and if i bring them back while soul absorbing bone tower is on the field, that’s an additional 2 cards that go from my opponent’s deck straight to the graveyard. swords of revealing light stall for three turns when i have nothing better to do, and gravity bind keeps ANYTHING over level three from attacking ANY of my monsters.

    the deck itself has no countering ability (I.E. no dark bribes, no mystical space typhoons or anything similar) but with the consistency it has in continually returning king of the skull servants to the field, i don’t need it.

  4. Julian permalink

    My bubblebeat deck
    elemental hero stratos
    elemental hero bubbleman
    elemental hero alius
    noble knight gawayn
    pot of duality
    mystical space typhoon
    miracle fusion
    super polymerization
    gemini spark
    mask change
    e-emergency call
    reinforcement of the army
    mind control
    dark hole
    heavy storm
    bottomless trap hole
    dimensional prison
    torrential tribute
    fiendish chain
    compulsory evacuation device
    mirror force
    call of the haunted
    starlight road
    solemn judgment
    solemn warning
    extra deck:
    elemental hero absolute zero
    elemental hero gaia
    elemental hero great tornado
    elemental hero escuridao
    elemental hero the shining
    masked hero acid
    masked hero dian
    masked hero vapor
    stardust dragon
    blade armor ninja
    heroic champion-excalibur
    number 39: utopia
    number 91: thunder spark dragon

  5. Davidun permalink

    im tryin to make a photon deck so heres my deck list

    galaxy-eyes photon dragon x 2
    galaxy knight x 2
    photon ceasar x 2
    photon lizard x 2
    photon thrasher x 3
    photon pirate x 1
    galaxy wizard x 2
    delta flyer x 3
    honest x 1
    interplanetarypurplythorny dragon x 1
    effect veiler x 1
    20 monsters

    photon sanctuary x 2
    galaxy zero x 1
    galaxy expedition x 1
    trade-in x 2
    mystical space typhoon x 1
    monster reborn x 1
    reinforcement of the army x 1
    heavy storm x 1
    smashing ground x 1
    xyz unit x 1
    12 spells

    xyz reborn x 1
    call of the haunted x 2
    mirror force x 1
    bottomless traphole x 1
    dimensional prison x 1
    solemn judgement x 1
    dark bribe x 1
    8 traps

    neo galaxy eyes photon dragon x 1
    super dimensional robot galaxy destroyer x 1
    number 88 x 1
    number 40 x 1
    … sun dragon overlord of … x 1
    number 39 utopia x 2
    steelswarm roach x 2
    stardust dragon x 2
    thought archfiend x 2
    red dragon archfiend x 1
    14 ex deck mons

    * i added delta flyer to make it a half syncro deck when xyzs are hard
    * some cards may seem random cuz i just filled them up
    * i know some spell cards and traps are lacking but i didnt want it to reach like 49 47 or 45 cards
    i was hooping for maybe only 40 41 42

  6. Warlock Richard permalink

    Egyptian God Card Deck

    Normal Monsters (x4)
    Alexandrite Dragon
    Dark Magician
    Labyrinth Wall

    Effect Monsters (x27)
    Bazoo the Soul Eater
    Beast King Barbaros
    Big Shield Gardna
    Botanical Lion
    Darklord Zerato
    Evocator Chevalier
    Guardian Angel Joan
    Junk Synchron
    Jurrac Titano
    Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer
    Magician of Faith
    Mecha Phantom Beast Hamstrat
    Metaion, the Timelord
    Ninja Grandmaster Sasuke
    Obelisk the Tormentor
    Power Giant
    Slate Warrior
    Slifer the Sky Dragon
    Super Conductor Tyranno
    Toon Gemini Elf
    Vylon Prism
    The Wicked Avatar
    The Winged Dragon of Ra
    Winged Rhynos

    Normal Trap Cards (x12)
    Blasting the Ruins
    Enchanted Javelin
    Half or Nothing
    A Hero Emerges
    Mirror Force
    Secret Barrel
    Skull Dice
    Sinister Seeds
    Strike Slash
    Time Machine (x2)
    Trap Hole

    Counter Trap Cards (x1)
    Solemn Judgement

    Continuous Trap Cards (x2)
    Robbin’ Goblin
    Tiki Curse

    Normal Spell Cards (x9)
    Change of Heart
    Creature Swap
    Dian Keto the Cure Master
    A Feather of the Pheonix
    Monster Reborn
    Nightmare’s Steelcage
    Union Attack

    Equip Spell Cards (x5)
    Axe of Despair
    Horn of the Unicorn (x2)
    United We Stand

    Quick-Play Spell Cards (x1)
    Ego Boost

    Continuous Spell Cards (x1)
    Shard of Greed

    Extra Deck (x1)
    Junk Destroyer

    Monsters x30, Spells x15, Traps x15

    This is my egyptian god casual deck list
    Just for playing against my friends

    *Junk Synchron is there just for his effect to bring out magician of faith for more tributes
    *Chances are I won’t use Junk Destroyer very much but he is there for versatility
    *I would like to bring this deck closer to the 40 card limit
    *I would also like a tournamnet version of this deck list

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