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The Best Level 02 Monsters

Why Bacon Saver Is A Good Monster Card For Your Deck

Bacon Saver is a monster with an effect that activates when it is in the Graveyard. By banishing Bacon Saver from your Graveyard, you can negate the attack of an attacking monster. This effect can be used during either player’s Battle Step which means you can stop your opponent from attacking you, or you can stop your monster from attacking if you feel the need to. Bacon Saver can be destroyed by battle easily since it has only 700 ATK and 600 DEF, but Bacon Saver’s true value comes when it is in the Graveyard. You can only use the effect of Bacon Saver once per duel which means you’ll only need 1 Bacon Saver in your Deck.

Why Bite Shoes Is A Good Monster Card For Your Deck

Bite Shoes is a good monster to have during your Battle Phase when you have a strong monster on your side of the field. Bite Shoes won’t be able to take advantage of its own effect since it only has 500 ATK, but if you change the Battle Position of 1 monster your opponent controls with a dramatic difference in ATK and DEF (3000 ATK and 800 DEF or 0 ATK and 3000 DEF), you can use Bite Shoes’ effect to switch that monster’s Battle Position. You can then attack the affected monster with one of your stronger monsters.

Why Blackwing-Mistral The Silver Shield Is A Good Monster Card For Your Deck

Blackwing-Mistral The Silver Shield may only have 100 ATK, but Blackwing-Mistral The Silver Shield’s 1800 DEF sets it apart from other Level 2 monsters. If Blackwing-Mistral The Silver Shield is destroyed and sent to the Graveyard, the battle damage you take from the next attack is reduced to 0. Blackwing-Mistral The Silver Shield’s effect only works on the next attack, but if the next attack would be a direct attack, you would be saving a lot of life points with this card’s effect. Blackwing-Mistral The Silver Shield is also a Tuner monster with a lot of DEF. This means Blackwing-Mistral The Silver Shield can stay on the field for awhile, and that would give you enough time to play more monsters and use them as Synchro Materials for a Synchro Monster.

Why Blade Rabbit Is A Good Monster Card For Your Deck

Blade Rabbit can destroy 1 monster on your opponent’s side of the field when it is changed to face-up Defense Position. The main problem with this effect is that Blade Rabbit would have to be in Attack Position first which is risky since Blade Rabbit only has 400 ATK. However, with cards that automatically switch the positions of monsters on the field such as Bite Shoes, you can use Blade Rabbit’s effect more often without worrying about leaving it in Attack Position. If you have cards that prevent your opponent from attacking, you should definitely consider adding Blade Rabbit to your Deck since it can destroy a lot of monsters.

Why Cherry Inmato Is A Good Monster Card For Your Deck

Cherry Inmato is a Level 2 monster with 700 ATK and 400 DEF. These low ATK/DEF values make Cherry Inmato easy to be destroyed. If Cherry Inmato is destroyed by battle and sent to the Graveyard, you can Special Summon 2 Inmato monsters from your Deck. There is also an Inmato monster that is a Level 3 monster, but you have the choice of Special Summoning 1 of each or 2 of the same Inmato monsters. The Special Summoned Inmato monsters cannot be used as Synchro Materials this turn, but they can be used as Synchro Materials next turn. Inmato monsters can be used as XYZ Materials right when they are Special Summoned by this effect which can give you a good advantage. It is worth noting that Cherry Inmato is a Tuner monster which means you can Synchro Summon a Level 5 Synchro Monster if you Special Summon 1 of each Inmato monster. If you really want to have a Deck with Inmato monsters, I recommend having more than 1 of both.

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