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This page will contain all of my announcements. The Announcements page will likely have one announcement per day. The Announcements page allows you to plan ahead for my future blogs that will now talk about various topics for certain days and months. I will also thank you all for checking out my blog weekly in the announcements. I urge you to check out my Announcements everyday before checking out my other blogs.


You can expect the updates to be finished today. You will soon see options for The Best Level 7 Monster, and The Best Level 9-12 monsters (each Level has its own page).

There will be a more official Facebook Page later on.


The Best Level 2 Monsters Page is now up! There will be more pages like this for monsters of other Levels very soon.

I am working on some pages to add to this blog. The main pages I am working on are based on Monster Levels. There will soon be selections for the Best Level 1 Monsters, the Best Level 2 Monsters, and so on. These pages will start out with featuring only 5 cards per Level, but the list of featured cards based on Levels will grow.


There will be a lot of pages added to this blog containing some of the best Yugioh Cards around. More videos will be published around Easter Break as well. The goal is to make enough money so that I can host giveaways with Yugioh Cards as the prizes.


The Amazon referral links in my opinion turn this blog to a blog with a lot of advertisements for people to buy Yugioh Cards. While I do want to promote the Yugioh Cards that help win duels, I do not want to keep the Amazon buttons. I will do an extra post once per week with 5 good Yugioh Cards each with Amazon buttons. This will prevent Yugioh Philosophy from looking like a blog that over promotes the Amazon buttons. The good news is that you can expect an extra blog post every once in a while.


There will be Amazon referral links in blog posts so that you can get the best price for your favorite Yugioh Cards. The Amazon referral links make getting the Yugioh Cards more convenient for you, and the extra revenue will allow me to host giveaways involving Yugioh booster packs in the future.


I am proud to announce our new eBooks are out. To get your free copy of 7 tips to become a better duelist, you can go to and enter your name and email address.


Thank you all of visiting Yugioh Philosophy. We have reached a milestone of over 500 visitors on 1 day! Our best day was 385 visitors on 1 day before we reached over 500 visitors!


Yugioh Philosophy is almost a year old! This blog was founded on October 11, 2011, and has had an average of 1 post per day everyday of the year.

Yesterday was our busiest day, and we got 373 visitors! We might reach 400 visits a day before the end of August.

I have the blueprints planned out on how I will start to sell Yugioh Cards. I just need to become a reseller, but eventually, I’ll be selling more than Yugioh Cards.

We have reached almost 25,000 views all time.

We have reached an all-time high 2,053 visitors in the past week.


We now have an account on Points2Shop that will be used to buy Yugioh Cards. Please join Points2Shop under our referral link so that we can buy more Yugioh Cards to eventually sell on the site.


Yugioh Philosophy is making me some money. It is my goal to make money for this blog so that I can sell Yugioh packs and yugioh cards to my loyal fans. We will also be holding occasional raffles for Yugioh Cards when we do really good. My first method of making money is paid posts.


We have reached over 20,000 views! Thank you all for taking a look at our blog.


There will be some major changes on Yugioh Philosophy in the future including raffles for Yugioh Cards and me selling Yugioh Cards on this blog. These changes won’t happen overnight, but by making a small donation will make Yugioh Philosophy a better place for everyone.

If you choose to donate to Yugioh Philosophy, 10% of your donation will be given to the ASPCA.


We now have a new Facebook Page that will be getting 10-100 posts a day all about Yugioh Cards!


Today’s Card of the Day is Number C39: Utopia Ray. You can buy the card of the day right here:


See my new Twitter page about Yugioh Philosophy @YugiohPhilosoph


Do you want to know what the best Yugioh Cards are? Well, you’re in luck because you can see a section/widget that says, “Get Access To The Best Yugioh Cards In The Game”

I’m an Amazon Associate! I’ll be putting up Yugioh Cards in the widgets section (right hand corner) that can improve your chances of winning even more duels!

How much is your site worth. For Squidoo, I use SquidUtils, but when I found another source, I was shocked to see this site at over $100. Thanks for all of the support! P.S. I’m NEVER selling this one.

I might make a Twitter account all about Yugioh soon, but you can still follow me on my other one as well.


Have you seen the new widgets yet? They make looking through this blog even easier than before!

If you haven’t done it already, you could follow me on Twitter @MarcGuberti

Today’s Card of the Day was Number 32: Shark Drake, and you can add this awesome card to your collection today!

Blue-Eyes White Dragon or Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon? Read “The Value Of An Effect” post and decide now!


I haven’t made an announcement for awhile, but I will start again now. I have made over $30 on Squidoo, so I am happy for that, but this is still my primary blog.

The support here has been like no other! I stopped using Autosurf months ago to get real viewers like you. I am happy to announce that we have OVER 10,000 views all time! We might reach 100,000 views before this blog is 1 year old!
Wow! Over 300 views and more than 6K total! Thanks!
Tomorrow’s Card of the Day is Super Crashbug.
Tomorrow’s Card of the Day is Shield Wing.
The winner to the contest is jaron something from with Ancient Fairy Dragon


On my new website at , I will feature the 5 great Amazon Deals per day so that everyone can take dueling to the next level.


Happy Valentine’s Day!


We have 224 views today and the record for this site stands at 240 views on one day. Let’s beat the record!

Smiley 147 posted his Deck for us all to see. I think it is a good and creative one because none of the monsters in his Skull Servant Takeover Deck/Zombie Deck require Tributes yet he could get a monster on the field with 9000 ATK! You should check out the Deck because it is a fabulous one.

Tomorrow’s Card of the Day is Dark Blade the Captain of the Evil World

We have reached over 200 views today! Thank you all for the great dedication!


We have reached over 5000 views! The 10,000 milestone is not that far away, so keep on telling your friends and others about this wonderful site!

Tomorrow’s Card of the Day is Tour Guide from the Underworld

Which card is better in the VS? Please tell me how I’m doing at and as always, please comment!


Black Luster Soldier Envoy of the Beginning or Chaos Emperor Dragon-Envoy of the End? Please comment on the VS Blog

Tomorrow’s Card of the Day is ZW-Unicorn Spear

How is the VS doing? You can tell me at now!


Stardust Dragon or Number 39:Utopia? Which one is better? Please answer/make a comment on the VS Blog!

How is the VS doing? You can tell me.

Tomorrow’s Card of the Day is Kurivolt


Tomorrow’s Card of the Day is Black Salvo!


Wahoo! We have reached over 4000 views!! 5000 views is not that far away so keep on telling everyone about this wonderful site!

Tomorrow’s Card of the Day is Goblin Elite Attack Force!

There is a new and even easier contest! You should check it out and anyone can win!


We have reached over 3500 views!! 4000 views is not that far away so keep on telling your friends about this site

Tomorrow’s Card of the Day is Red Eyes Black Wyvern


Anyone’s VS Ideas will become posts on my blog! So submit your VS through the Suggestions Page, Questions Page, or my email at

Tomorrow’s Card of the Day is Black Rose Dragon.

For every Card of the Day for now on, I will give some ratings that use decimals (3.3, 4.6, 2.1, etc). This makes the rating for each card more precise.


Tomorrow’s Card of the Day is Goldd, Wu-Lord of Dark World!

The contests are drawing to an end, and it is still anybody’s game. For the contests, please go to the “Contests Page”


I will continue Cards of the Day in February. I know I said that I would give a daily VS, but I have a better idea. YOU can leave a VS Idea on the Suggestions Page or ask a question about which of the 2 cards is better. I know I did a good job on Blue Eyes Shining Dragon VS Gandora the Dragon of Destruction! So, if you want to see a particular VS, then post a comment onto my Questions or Suggestions Page. I will have a post done in 2 days or less about the VS!

What cards do you want me to compare?

Wow! 3000 views. I am very grateful. 3500 views believe it or not is not that far away! Please spread the word about this great site!

Who’s excited about the new pack? Please comment how excited you feel!

The contest is drawing to an end. Ancient Fairy Dragon (2100 ATK and 3000 DEF) is taken. However, it is not too late for anybody to win. This is anybody’s game!


Yeah! Order of Chaos is in stores!

Thanks! We have over 2400 views!!

Tomorrow’s Card of the Day is Prime Material Dragon

The amount of contestants is low. I know this is new, but we need more people!


I in the middle of thinking of a reward for the winning card.

Dark Armed Dragon, Blue Eyes Shining Dragon, Stardust Dragon, and Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon are this week’s edition of Monster Points. Give each card a high enough amount of points to win!

Tomorrow’s Card of the Day is Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon

Check out the new page, Monster Points!


Who wants to get in touch with the owner of Well, my email address is I’m sure that we could have some good conversations about Yugioh Cards and more! If you want to talk to me, then the best way is to send messages to my email address. Your requests/questions/comments/statements/etc will not be left unanswered!

Wow! We have reached over 2 grand (views)! Thank you all for the support! Please answer the important poll question and comment. Your kindness is greatly appreciated. Please spread the word because 3 grand (3000 views) is not that far away!


Tomorrow’s Card of the Day is Yubel! If you want the best strategies for Yubel and other cards, then go to to buy my eBook!


Tomorrow’s Card of the Day is Chthonian Emperor Dragon

Please enter the contests. I know it is new, but we need more contestants. I have added an easier contest.


Tomorrow’s Card of the Day is Red Dragon Archfiend


The Chaos Emperor Dragon-Envoy of the End VS Black Luster Soldier Envoy of the Beginning is winning over the other 2 VS in the poll. Do you agree or disagree with this. You can only show your opinion by voting!

Wow! We have over 1600 views! Tell your friends about this site and ask them to spread the word! We are doing amazing. 2000 views is not far away!

Please enter the contests. All entrees are greatly appreciated!

I am working on a Keynote that will have 150 Yugioh Cards in it!

Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day!


Tomorrow’s Card of the Day is Guardian Eatos!

We have reached over 1400 views! Thank you all so much! Believe it or not, 2000 views is not that far away. Keep on spreading the word about this site. Thank you!


Check out my NEW eBook at This revolutionary eBook offers the 15 greatest strategies that could ever be assembled in the game of Yugioh. Destroy all cards on your opponent’s side of the field, destroy all of your opponent’s Spell Cards in his/her ENTIRE DECK, and beat your opponent in 2 turns. This eBook is the first of its kind and will turn any duelist into a better duelist!

I am sure that everyone really enjoys my site and we keep on getting more viewers daily! If you want to learn even more about Yugioh in addition to my blogs and eBooks, then you can go to to learn more about the game. The site has a Card of the Day just like me and tells you good places to get each card. will definitely teach you more about Yugioh that we have not yet covered.

Yeah! Over 200 views in 1 day!!! Thank you for being a part of this site!


Wow! Thanks for the support! We have officially surpassed triple digits….we are now in the thousands! We have over 1000 views!

My eBook on 15 of the best Yugioh Strategies in the game should be out in no more than 3 days


Number 39: Utopia is tomorrow’s Card of the Day

Please answer the poll questions and comment


Tomorrow’s Card of the Day is Sacred Phoenix of Nephthys.

WOW! Over 800 views! Thank you all for the loyalty!


Have you been looking for some of the best Yugioh Strategies that the game has to offer. I mean strategies that destroy only all of your opponent’s cards, make them unable to attack for the entire duel, give you EASY ways to play Yubel, or just beat them in less than 3 turns? Well, I am nearly done with an inexpensive eBook on 15 of the best Yugioh Strategies in the game!

Wow! 700 views!! Thank you all!!

Cyber Dragon is tomorrow’s Card of the Day


Thank you for the support for these months I have been writing blogs. Well, now if you liked my blogs, then you will love my Yugioh eBook with 101 Monster Card Descriptions! This eBook gives you basics to the game as well as new information that not every professional duelist knows. So, if you want the best Yugioh eBook, then look no further than You should check it out.

For now on, announcements will be dated. You should still look at the first 11 announcements though.

We have reached 500 views! Thank you for your undying loyalty!

Tomorrow’s Card of the Day is Zaborg The Thunder Monarch

Help to decide the Card of the Day on January 10, 2012! Join the poll and vote on which card you want the most!

WOW! We got 100 views in one day! Thank you all for the support!

We already had more views in January 2012 than December 2011!

Announcement #1: For the entire month of January, I will makes posts for a Card of the Day. My blogs about the Card of the Day will become active on January 5, 2012.

Announcement #2: The first Card of the Day blog is about Stardust Dragon/Assault Mode. I will have the details about the card in display tomorrow.

Announcement #3: We got a record high for this month with 19 views today! Over 350 viewers total!

Announcement #4: Now is a really time to get in the buzz. You can go to my Twitter account at MarcGuberti or my Facebook account at You can give me suggestions about the next Card of the Day. You may also go on the Suggestions Page.

Announcement #5: My next Card of the Day will be Rescue Rabbit. I will have the details about the card in display tomorrow.

Announcement #6: How do you like my Cards of the Day? Well, in less than a week, you will be able to buy my brand new eBook for $9.97 that gives you the descriptions of 101 Normal Monsters (Levels 1-4), strategies, how to make an outstanding Deck, and how to play the game of Yugioh. The eBook is good for the old and new duelist! I will announce the link when the eBook is live!

Announcement #7: My eBook is now live! 101 Yugioh Monster descriptions are now at your fingertips! You can buy my $9.97 eBook at! For more on my new eBook, you may look at my eBook Blog! Thank you!

Announcement #8: We have surpassed 400 viewers! 500 is not far away. Tell your friends about this site. Thank you for the support!

Announcement #9: My next Card of the Day will be Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon, the newest Dragon type monster in Yugioh.

Announcement #10: Wow! We got over 100 views this week! Thank you all for the generosity!

Announcement #11: My Facebook account keeps on getting bigger and bigger! You can now follow my page at to talk to me and ask your personal questions. I will answer them to the best of me ability. If you don’t have any questions, then you can just talk about the website. Don’t miss out on all the fun! Check out my Facebook page at

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