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About Me

I am an expert at Yugioh who loves to manipulate many Decks and use them at will. I find grief for those who are not good at Yugioh However, now I have excelled in Yugioh, and I think that some of my Decks could win tournaments. I have never been in a tournament, but I am confident in my Decks. This must be the attitude of every player if he/she wantes to be successful. I help create that image by creating daily blogs about various Yugioh Cards and Decks. My first blog (Components and Thought Process to Making a Yugioh Deck) tells how you can make the perfect Deck if you put the right cards together. My best Deck, my DARK Deck is that kind of Deck, with 47 cards, with a close to even Monster Cards to Trap Cards and Spell Cards ratio, and many strong monsters such as Dark Armed Dragon, Dark Horus, Jinzo, and others. I can show you how to unlock the many cards in this game. You can follow me on Twitter at MarcGuberti, and you can now visit me on Facebook at Most of my information is composed on my blogs. If anyone asks me a Yugioh question through this blog, Twitter, or Facebook, I will gladly answer that question with a blog. If you want to talk to me about Yugioh 1 to 1, then you can email me at I want to know who visits me site so that I can offer everyone what they want (only concerning Yugioh and if I agree with you).

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