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Intercept Wave

June 9, 2013

Intercept Wave is a powerful Quick Play Spell Card, but its power depends on how many Synchro Monsters are in your opponent’s Extra Deck. If there are a lot of Synchro Monsters in their Extra Deck, chances are that they will be able to Synchro Summon monsters easily. Intercept Wave switches all Synchro Monsters on the field to Defense Position. This will either make a Synchro Monster easier to destroy or prevent it from attacking (since Synchro monsters and most monsters cannot attack in Defense Position). Then, during the End Phase, Intercept Wave sends all of those face-up Synchro Monsters to the Extra Deck. The strongest Synchro Monsters are out of sight, and if you use a Deck based on XYZ Monsters while your opponent uses a Deck based on Synchro Monsters, Intercept Wave will give you a big advantage.


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