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DNA Surgery

February 27, 2013

DNA Surgery is a Continuous Trap Card that is not good all by itself, but it can help out with countless combinations. With DNA Surgery, you can declare 1 monster Type, and then all face-up monsters become that Type. If you want a Zombie World kind of Deck, you can make all monsters on the field become Zombie-Type monsters. For Yugioh Cards that we recently talked about such as Double Shark and Spear Shark, any Level 3 or 4 monster will be fine for their effects. If you have a card that increases the ATK or DEF of a specific Type of monster, DNA Surgery allows you to declare that Type so that all monsters you control gain the ATK or DEF points. DNA Surgery can also stop your opponent from performing some of his/her combos that involve the Type of a monster playing a crucial role.


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