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Pyrotech Mech-Shiryu

February 15, 2013

Pyrotech Mech-Shiryu is a Level 8 monster with 2900 ATK and 1800 DEF that can be Normal Summoned with 1 Tribute, but you would take 1000 damage during each of your End Phases. If Pyrotech Mech-Shiryu attacks a Defense Position monster, it inflicts piercing damage to your opponent. If you only have 1 monster on your side of the field, you have this card in your hand, and your opponent doesn’t have too many life points left, I recommend Tribute Summoning Pyrotech Mech-Shiryu with 1 Tribute because then you can inflict piercing damage and 2900 ATK is a lot of firepower.


From → good yugioh card

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