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ZW-Leo Arms

February 7, 2013

ZW-Leo Arms is a Rank 5 XYZ Monster with 3000 ATK and 1200 DEF that works really well with Number 39: Utopia. Once per turn, you can get any ZW monster from your Deck to your hand. ZW monsters can give your XYZ Monsters a huge boost in ATK points. You can also equip this card to Number 39: Utopia to give it an additional 3000 ATK points! That would be a total of 5500 ATK points which is more than enough to destroy nearly any monster in the game. When a monster that this card is equipped to attacks, you can send this Equip Card to the Graveyard to have the monster attack again (if there is another monster on the field). ZW-Leo Arms is strong enough to do a lot of damage itself, but it cannot attack your opponent’s life points directly.


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