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Nimble Angler

January 31, 2013

When Nimble Angler is sent from your hand or Deck to the Graveyard, you can Special Summon up to 2 Level 3 or lower Nimble monsters from your Deck except Nimble Angler. Nimble Angler only has 600 ATK and 100 DEF which doesn’t make it the most logical monster to be put on the field, but when sent from the hand to the Graveyard, you get 2 extra monsters.

Summing It Up

There may not seem to be a lot of Nimble monsters, but I have done research, and I saw multiple Nimble monsters such as Nimble Momonga, Nimble Sunfish, and so on. Nimble Angler can bring forth a lot of monsters which means a lot of possibilities.


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