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Self-Destruction Button

January 26, 2013

Is this card going to get activated a lot? The answer would be no, but Self-Destruction Button can turn a horrible situation in a tie. When your opponent is beating you by 7000 life points or more, you can use this Trap Card to reduce both players’ life points to 0. Many duelists are thinking that this card will never be useful since they won’t be the ones losing by 7000 life points. When I was just starting to play Yugioh, I didn’t have as good of a Deck as my opponent did. There was a 7000 life point difference, and before I lost the duel, I used this card which turned a loss into a tie.

Summing It Up

Self-Destruction Button is a last resort card that will only be used when the chances of winning are slim to none. However, having this card in your Deck will prove to be a good advantage. If you want to have an intentional tie, you can use 3 Gift Cards (3000 life points per Gift Card) which would result in an extra 9000 life points for your opponent. Then you could use Self-Destruction Button to end the duel.


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