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Empress of Prophecy

January 10, 2013

Spellcaster-Type Decks get a little stronger with this card in the Extra Deck.

Empress of Prophecy is a Rank 5 XYZ Monster with 2000 ATK and 1700 DEF that gains 300 ATK for each XYZ Material attached to any monster that you control. This card starts out with 2600 ATK, but that can go much higher as well. By detaching 1 XYZ Material from this card, you shuffle your Deck and then reveal the top 5 cards of your Deck. You can destroy monsters on the field equal to the number of Spellbook cards revealed. Then you can return those cards to the top of your Deck in any order.

Summing It Up

Empress of Prophecy requires 2 Level 5 Spellcaster-Type monsters as the XYZ Materials, and Empress of Prophecy only destroys monsters with Spellbook cards, but Empress of Prophecy isn’t only helpful to a Spellcaster-Type Deck. Empress of Prophecy can gain a lot of ATK points if you have a lot of XYZ Monsters on your side of the field. Empress of Prophecy can also shuffle your Deck and allow you to see the top 5 cards of your Deck and return them in any order.


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