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Metal Reflect Slime

December 22, 2012

Metal Reflect Slime is a Continuous Trap Card that acts as a durable monster.

When you play Metal Reflect Slime, you can Special Summon it in Defense Position as an Effect Monster with 0 ATK and 300 DEF. This card is still considered as a Trap Card, so a Mystical Space Typhoon destroys the monster as well as this card. Metal Reflect Slime cannot attack, so Shield and Sword won’t work, but since Metal Reflect Slime has 0 ATK, that’s okay.

Summing It Up

Metal Reflect Slime is a monster that can block a lot of your opponent’s monsters from attacking directly. Metal Reflect Slime can also result in making your opponent lose a lot of life points if a monster with a low ATK attacks this Defense Position card.


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