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December 13, 2012

Kuriboh is a Yugioh Card from the very beginning that is featured in some of the very first anime episodes. Although Kuriboh is not strong, it can be very helpful for your Deck because of its effects and Quick Play Spell Cards that go along with it.

Kuriboh is a Level 1 monster with 300 ATK and 200 DEF. You can discard this card from your hand to take no Battle Damage from 1 battle. If a monster attacks you directly, you can discard Kuriboh, and then you are safe. You can also discard Kuriboh when a monster with 1900 ATK destroys your monster with 1800 ATK. You don’t lose any life points from that battle even if your monster was in Attack Position. There are some cards that can only be used on Kuriboh such as Multiply and Detonate which work very well together and can destroy a lot of cards on your opponent’s side of the field.

Summing It Up

Although Kuriboh is not a strong monster, the versatile card can bring forth many Kuriboh tokens (Multiply), destroy multiple cards on your opponent’s side of the field (detonate), and save you from losing life points from a battle (Kuriboh’s actual effect). Not every monster has to be strong to make a difference in the duel, and Kuriboh is a perfect example of that.


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