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Number 39: Utopia

November 29, 2012

Number 39: Utopia is one of the first XYZ Monsters introduced, but it remains a strong force.

With 2500 ATK and 2000 DEF, Number 39: Utopia is a strong monster that can do a lot of damage, but at the same time, Number 39: Utopia can prevent damage being done to you. Number 39: Utopia requires 2 Level 4 monsters as the XYZ Materials, and you can detach 1 of these XYZ Materials to negate the attack of any monster on the field. The only price to pay is that if Number 39: Utopia is attacked without XYZ Materials attached, it is automatically destroyed.

Summing It Up

Number 39: Utopia is a strong XYZ Monster that negates attacks with its XYZ Materials. If Number 39: Utopia is attacked while it has no XYZ Materials attached, Number 39: Utopia is automatically destroyed whenever the attacking monster had 0 ATK or 5000 ATK. While Number 39: Utopia does have XYZ Materials, it is a powerful card.


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