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Beast King Barbaros

November 21, 2012

Beast King Barbaros is a powerful monster that gives you a lot of options.

With 3000 ATK and 1200 DEF, Beast King Barbaros can be Normal Summoned without Tributing, but then its original ATK would become 1900. That is still good for a monster that doesn’t require Tributes. You can also Tribute 3 monsters to Tribute Summon this card, and if you Tribute that extra monster, you have the power to destroy every card your opponent controls.

Summing It Up

You can play Beast King Barbaros with no Tributes, 2 Tributes, or 3 Tributes. Beast King Barbaros also allows you to destroy all cards that your opponent controls if you Tribute 3 monsters. Then with 3000 ATK, Beast King Barbaros will be able to inflict a lot of damage to your opponent.


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