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The Wicked Eraser

November 19, 2012

The Wicked Eraser has the potential to be a very strong monster and destroy every card on the field at the same time!

The Wicked Eraser cannot be Special Summoned and can only be Normal Summoned or Set by Tributing 3 monsters. The ATK and DEF of this card are equal to the number of cards your opponent controls x1000. If your opponent controls 6 cards, The Wicked Eraser has 6000 ATK and 6000 DEF which could destroy nearly every monster in the game. When The Wicked Eraser is destroyed and sent to the Graveyard, all cards on the field are destroyed. If The Wicked Eraser doesn’t have a high ATK, you could destroy it during your Main Phase.

Summing It Up

The more cards your opponent controls, the stronger The Wicked Eraser is. If you destroy any of those cards, The Wicked Eraser gets weaker. The Wicked Eraser’s effect makes your opponent think twice before playing a card because each card they play gives The Wicked Eraser 1000 more ATK and DEF. When The Wicked Eraser is weak, you can destroy it during the Main Phase, and then its effect that destroys all cards on the field will activate. The Wicked Eraser can be strong and destructive.


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