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Naturia Beans

November 1, 2012

Naturia Beans is a monster like no other because it can withstand 2 attacks and make your opponent lose life points at the same time.

Naturia Beans is a Level 2 monster with 100 ATK and 1200 DEF that cannot be destroyed by battle once per turn. When Naturia Beans is face-up and selected as an attack target, your opponent loses 500 life points. Since your opponent has to attack Naturia Beans at least once, your opponent is guaranteed to lose 1000 life points or more from Naturia Beans if it is not destroyed by a card effect.

Summing It Up

Naturia Beans is a weak monster that can inflict a lot of damage to your opponent because it is durable. Once per turn, this card cannot be destroyed by battle which means it takes at least 2 attacks to destroy Naturia Beans which means your opponent will lose at least 1000 life points.


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