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Machine King

October 17, 2012

Do you need the perfect monster for a Machine-Type Deck? If so, Machine King is the perfect card to add to your Deck.

Machine King is a Level 6 monster with 2200 ATK and 2000 DEF that gains 100 ATK for each face-up Machine-Type monster on the field. That means you and your opponent can result in Machine King gaining more ATK. Using DNA Surgery to make all monsters on the field become Machine-Types can result in Machine King having a lot of ATK for a Level 6 monster. Also, Machine King is a Machine-Type monster which means it already gains an extra 100 ATK!

Summing It Up

Machine King can be a powerful force in a Machine-Type Deck, but it is not fit for all Decks. Any Deck with a lot of cards that aren’t Machine-Types can be at a disadvantage if you have Machine King in that Deck. However, when Machine King is in a good Deck, it can get a lot of extra ATK, and it can do a lot of damage to your opponent.


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