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Overlay Eater

September 28, 2012

Taking XYZ Materials from your opponent with Overlay Eater couldn’t be easier.

Overlay Eater is a Level 2 monster with 300 ATK and 800 DEF that can be an XYZ Material itself. When Overlay Eater is in your Graveyard, you can banish it to take 1 XYZ Material from a monster your opponent controls and attach it to an XYZ Monster you control as an XYZ Material. You can take XYZ Materials from Number 39: Utopia who needs XYZ Materials in order to survive. Other cards like Number 91: Thunder Spark Dragon need more XYZ Materials than they have to use their effects. You can take a ZW-Unicorn Spear from an opponent to give one of your XYZ Monsters a 1900 ATK boost while an opponent’s XYZ Monster will lose 1900 ATK without the ZW-Unicorn Spear. With Overlay Eater, there are many possibilities especially when the card’s effect is easy to use. Just be having Overlay Eater in your Graveyard, you can use its effect.


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