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Rainbow Life

September 14, 2012

Imagine gaining life points that you were supposed to lose. With Rainbow Life, that is possible.

During the Battle Phase, it is easy to lose life points if your opponent’s monsters are stronger than yours. An opponent can also use a card effect that will inflict a lot of damage to your life points. In these situations, a duel can be easily lost. However, Rainbow Life is the game changer. By discarding 1 card from your hand, you’ll be able to gain all life points that you would have lost on the turn you use this card. If a Blue-Eyes White Dragon attacks you directly, you’ll gain 3000 life points instead of losing life points. If you start with 4000 life points, there is a big difference between having 1000 life points and having 7000 life points. Rainbow Life will make your opponent think twice before attacking with any other monsters because you won’t lose any life points.

Summing It Up

Rainbow Life can make you gain a lot of life points from an opponent’s attempt to make you lose life points. Discarding 1 card from your hand in my opinion is worth it when you are using Rainbow Life. Gaining life points from battles may make your opponent think twice before attacking your next monster(s).


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