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Double Coston

September 12, 2012

When Yugioh first began, there were specific monsters that made Tribute Summoning the stronger monsters easier. Double Coston is one of those cards.

With 1700 ATK and 1650 DEF, Double Coston proves to be a strong monster that will be hard to defeat. However, there will be a time when you draw a strong DARK monster that requires 2 Tributes. If you do draw that DARK monster, you can Tribute Double Coston alone, and then you will be able to Tribute Summon that DARK monster with only 1 Tribute since Double Coston is considered as 2 Tributes for a DARK monster.


Summing It Up

Double Coston is a strong monster that can be treated as 2 Tributes for the Tribute Summon of a DARK monster. However, Double Coston’s effect does not apply for any of the other Attributes. When you are deciding whenever or not to have Double Coston in your Deck, first count the number of DARK monsters in your Deck. Then, count the number of Level 7 or higher DARK monsters that can be Normal Summoned or Set. If Double Coston does not work for you, you can always look for similar cards such as Kaiser Sea Horse which has the same ATK/DEF values and can be treated as 2 Tributes for a LIGHT monster.


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