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Yugioh Philosophy Getting Closer to Selling Yugioh Booster Packs

August 9, 2012

I am proud to announce that we have now created an account on Points2Shop. On Points2Shop, we get points by doing various assignments like watching a video or taking a survey. The more we do on the site, the more points we get. The point to dollar conversion is 100 points per 1 USD. This is still not an overnight process, and it isn’t always easy to get points. However, at a steady pace of $1 a day (100 points), we’re getting closer. I probably won’t be spending these points on Yugioh Cards until next year so that I have the newest booster packs and I have them in bulk. I don’t want to spend all of my points today and have none tomorrow.

As the days go by, we are getting closer to selling Yugioh booster packs, but we really need YOUR help. All we ask is that you create an account on Points2Shop through our referral link so that we get 50 points which will go to yugioh booster packs.

Please join through this referral link:



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