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XYZ Territory

July 1, 2012

July 1, 2012, Card of the Day, XYZ Territory

XYZ Territory is a Field Spell Card that enhances an XYZ Monster’s ATK and DEF during a battle. When an XYZ Monster battles with another monster, that XYZ Monster gains 200 ATK and DEF times its Rank. A Rank 4 XYZ Monster gains 800 ATK giving it a total of 3300 ATK. A Neo Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon would have over 6000 ATK! If this card would be destroyed by a card effect, you can detach 1 XYZ Material from a monster you control instead. If you detach an XYZ Material from this card, then I highly recommend detaching XYZ Materials from an XYZ Monster that has no use for the XYZ Materials such as Gaia Knight, The Thunder Charger.


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