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Dragon Master Knight Is Easy To Play

June 14, 2012

Dragon Master Knight is the strongest Fusion Monsters and one of the best in the game. With 5000 ATK and 5000 DEF, Dragon Master Knight is a must have for any Deck, and it gains 500 ATK times the number of Dragon-Type monsters on the field excluding itself. So, a monster that could have up to 7000 ATK should be in everyone’s Deck, right? However, this is not the case because Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon is one of the Fusion Monsters needed for this Fusion Summon. Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon is a Fusion Monster that is hard to play, and then you need another Polymerization and the Ritual Monster, Black Luster Soldier.

Before buying this card or even giving it a chance in a duel, everyone looks at Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon as the Fusion Material. Having Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon as a Fusion Material can discourage many people. However, there is hope left, and in my opinion, if duelists gave Dragon Master Knight a second chance, they would be happy with the results.

It’s especially easy to be happy with the results with you have a Light Hex-Sealed Fusion on your side of the field. This card can be substituted for any Fusion Material in the game as long as the Fusion Monster is a LIGHT monster. Last I checked, Dragon Master Knight is a LIGHT, Fusion Monster so The Light Hex-Sealed Fusion works perfectly. All you need to do is play this card and then Ritual Summon Black Luster Soldier. Tribute these two cards and then play your Dragon Master Knight. It’s as easy as that, and playing Dragon Master Knight that quickly (almost as quick as a Synchro or XYZ Summon) can make a duelist confident with an easy to play monster with 5000 ATK that could have 7000 ATK.

…Just another reason you don’t need a Blue-Eyes White Dragon, a monster without an effect, in your Deck. There are substitutions for cards without effects even if a substitution seems impossible.


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