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Number C39: Utopia Ray

June 7, 2012

June 7, 2012, Card of the Day, Number C39: Utopia Ray

Number C39: Utopia Ray is a Rank 4 XYZ Monster that requires 3 Level 4 LIGHT monsters as the XYZ Materials. When you have less than 1000 life points left, you can detach 1 XYZ Material from this card to give this card a 500 ATK boost and make one of your opponent’s monsters lose 1000 ATK. However, you can use Number 39: Utopia as the only XYZ Material, and any XYZ Materials on Number 39: Utopia become XYZ Materials for Number C39: Utopia Ray. I would recommend XYZ Summoning Number C39: Utopia Ray only when Number 39: Utopia has 1 or no XYZ Materials left because you can still use Number 39: Utopia’s awesome effect, but without XYZ Materials, Number 39: Utopia can be destroyed by any attack. That is when I would XYZ Summon Number C39: Utopia Ray, and using ZW-Unicorn Spear to give Number C39: Utopia Ray an extra 1900 ATK is by no means a bad option.


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