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Skull Servant Take Over Deck/Zombie Deck

February 13, 2012

Smiley 147 posted his Skull Servant Take Over Deck/Zombie Deck, and it is a really good one. With exactly 20 monsters, and a total of 20 Spell/Trap Cards, that is a perfect 40 card Deck. Usually, when you have less than 50 cards, you have a good Deck, but having 40 cards in your Deck is a game changer. Based on the cards in the Deck, I believe that the main strategy is to get Skull Servants into the Graveyard to boost the ATK of King of the Skull Servants. Card Destruction, Hand Destruction, and Morphing Jar all prove my statement. Also, it can take time for someone to get all of the Skull Servants and form the perfect field. So, that is probably why Smiley 147 put in cards that eat up turns. What I mean by this is that your opponent’s monsters cannot attack. I use this method myself and the main cards that show this in Smiley 147’s Deck are Swords of Revealing Light and Gravity Bind. Please note that Gravity Bind only prevents Level 4 and higher monsters from attacking, so Smiley 147’s Skull Monsters are still able to attack. Mirror Force is a classic card that should be in any Deck because it destroys all of your opponent’s Attack Position monsters when only 1 of them declares an attack. Smiley 147 also has many ways to bring his monsters back from the Graveyard. Call of the Haunted, Monster Reborn, and Book of Life are some of the cards that Smiley 147 uses. What I am really intrigued about is The Lady in Wight. This card has only 0 ATK, but a bulky 2200 DEF that goes along with a nice effect. Level 3 and lower Zombie monsters can’t be destroyed by battle and they are completely unaffected by Trap and Spell Cards. Smiley 147 is even prepared for when an opponent has tons of monsters on his/her side of the field. Dark Hole and Lightning Vortex are two of those cards. This card can also deplete your opponent’s Deck with various cards like Soul-Absorbing Bone Tower.

The Deck is really good, and it doesn’t have any monsters that require Tributes. Zombie World would be a good fit, but this Deck is not dependent of Zombie World to have success. Also, Painful Choice is another good card. 4 cards from your Deck go to the Graveyard and you get 1 card to your hand. This is a good way to get Skull Servants into the Graveyard, but with 40 cards in this Deck, I’m not sure if this Deck could handle Painful Choice or not given the fact that this Deck also has cards like Morphing Jar, Hand Destruction, etc. However, I could be wrong. We would have to ask Smiley 147, the person who has dueled with this Deck and has probably used it successfully.

The Deck is really good, it doesn’t have too many cards, and ALL of the Monster Cards have something in common:they are all Zombie-Type Monsters (except Morphing Jar, but it supports this Deck’s goal)!


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