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ZW-Unicorn Spear

February 12, 2012

February 12, 2012, Card of the Day, ZW-Unicorn Spear

ZW-Unicorn Spear is a strong Level 4 monster with 1900 ATK and only 0 DEF. It is a good card, but you can equip this card to Number C39:Utopia Ray to give it 1900 more ATK. In case you are wondering, Number C39: Utopia Ray would then have 4400 ATK which could beat MANY Synchro Monsters. Also, any XYZ Monster that has ZW-Unicorn Spear attached to it gains a sweet effect. When an XYZ monster attacks a monster while ZW-Unicorn Spear is attached to it, then the attacked monster’s effect(s) are negated. These effects aren’t limited to Number C39:Utopia Ray however. You can’t equip this card from your hand to any other monster, but if this card is equip to any XYZ Monster, then that monster gains 1900 ATK as well as the secondary effect. This is the best card you will ever find to this date for XYZ Monsters!

Given that many duelists are practicing the uses of XYZ Monsters and that they are the new trend, ZW-Unicorn Spear gets 5 stats! An XYZ Monster with 4400 ATK is something that we haven’t seen before so far. Also, you don’t have to worry about card effects from deadly monsters such as Shocktopus (February 1, 2012 Card of the Day). ZW-Unicorn Spear is still strong and packs quite a punch.


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