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Great Maju Garzett VS Maju Garzett

February 12, 2012

Great Maju Garzett is a Level 6 monster that requires a Tribute. This monster’s ATK is twice the original ATK of the Tributed Monster. So, if you Tribute a Blue Eyes White Dragon, then this card has 6000 ATK. The more ATK the Tributed monster has, the higher Great Maju Garzett’s ATK will be.

This card gains ATK equal to the two monsters original ATK used to Tribute this card. So, if you Tribute a monster with 4000 ATK and then a monster with 2500 ATK, then Maju Garzett will have 6500 ATK. The higher the ATK of the Tributed monsters, the higher the ATK of Maju Garzett.


Great Maju Garzett only requires 1 Tribute while Maju Garzett requires 2. Their ATK are various. Both gain ATK equal to the original ATK of the monsters used to Tribute them, but Gret Maju Garzett only requires 1 Tribute and gains twice the Tributed monsters original ATK. So, who is better, Great Maju Garzett or Maju Garzett?


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  1. Rpaul permalink

    I think the great maju garzett is better myself, i was had lower life points than my opponent one time even tho i had my rainbow dark dragon on the field but anyway i sacraficed it so then my great maju garzett had 8000 atk and since its treated as its original atk i equiped it with megamorph to double its atk on top of that maybe a litle much but owell lol. try stoping a monster with 16,000 atk!!!

  2. bob permalink

    you cant use megamorph on gmg because infact his original atk is always 0

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