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Goblin Elite Attack Force

February 8, 2012

February 8, 2012, Card of the Day, Goblin Elite Attack Force


Yes, that is a Level 4 monster with 2200 ATK (and 1500 DEF) and these goblins definitely look cooler than the Goblin Attack Force card. So, 2200 ATK is very high, but like every goblin monster including Goblin Elite Attack Force. This is beneficial if you opponent controls a strong monster with 3000 or more ATK, but it can backfire if your opponent’s monsters are weak. You must wait until the end of your NEXT turn to switch this card’s Battle Position unless you use a card effect. After this card attacks (the turn after it attacks), then it would be good to Tribute/Synchro Summon/XYZ Summon a monster by using this card.


This card deserves 3.6 stars. You might think the rating is too high since Goblin Elite Attack Force stays in Defense Position, but that prevents you from losing life points. You can always use Goblin Elite Attack Force as a Tribute, Synchro Material, or an XYZ Material while is it stationary in Defense Position. 1500 DEF is also harder to get through than Goblin Attack Force’s 0 DEF!

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How have I been doing on my blog? Who likes it so far? I know my blog is very popular, but every comment is greatly appreciated. Yes, as of now, none of the Level 4 and lower monsters presented to you are included in my eBook at because I want to keep them hidden.


Well, now I have a new contest! Whoever gives me a GOOD SUGGESTION for a Level 4 or lower monster that is not mentioned in my eBook for a future post wins! You just have to give me the monster’s name and nothing else! I hope everyone enters the contest!!!


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