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January 20, 2012

January 20, 2012, Card of the Day, Yubel

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Here is the card!


Yubel has a powerful effect, but the Tributing conditions can be hard. This Level 10 Monster Card with 0 ATK and 0 DEF may seem worthless, but this card’s effect is what makes it a winner! First of all, Yubel cannot be destroyed by battle! Second, you lose no Battle Damage from this card and when your opponent’s monsters attack this card, your opponent loses life points equal to the ATK of the attacking monster. You must destroy 1 monster per turn to keep Yubel on your side of the field or else Yubel is destroyed. If Yubel is destroyed except by its own effect, you can get another form of Yubel from your Deck.

Learn More About Yubel:

Are you interested in Yubel? Do you want to make Yubel a Monster Card that is rated higher than a 5 out of 5? Do you want EVEN MORE out of your Yubel and every other card in your Deck? Well, you can follow my link below and buy my revolutionary, inexpensive eBook on the 15 best Yugioh Strategies:

That’s the link to my revolutionary and inexpensive eBook on the 15 best Yugioh Strategies of all time. Sure enough, some of the strategies make Yubel easier to play as well as its stronger forms!


Yubel’s effect that requires you to tribute monsters can be costly, and it is a Level 10 Monster Card. So, keeping it on the field before enhancing it can often prove to be a challenge! I would give this card 4 stars. Keeping it on the field has its rewards, but it can prove to be very difficult! My eBook at the link above in the Learn More about Yubel area will make playing Yubel 10 times easier as well as enhancing Yubel to its advanced forms!


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