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January 7, 2012

January 7, 2012, Yugioh Card of the Day, Jinzo


Here is the card.


Jinzo is a very rare and powerful DARK (Machine Type) monster with 2400 ATK and 1500 DEF. Since it is a Level Six monster, Jinzo requires only one Tribute, but it is one of the few cards in the entire game that neutralizes Trap Cards. Trap Cards are Yugioh Cards that are commonly used to inflict damage, protect you, give your monsters more ATK/DEF, destroy other monsters, etc. Jinzo makes these Trap Cards useless. How can your opponent defend his/her monsters without the use of Trap Cards. The bitter part of Jinzo’s effect is that you cannot activate Trap Cards as well. That’s why Konami made the Equip Spell Card, Amplifier. Amplifier only equips to Jinzo and allows you to play Trap Cards and use their effects. Best of all, Amplifier’s activation and effect cannot be negated. So, you can now play Trap Cards, but your opponent can’t. There is only one downside. When Amplifier is destroyed, then Jinzo is also destroyed. Jinzo’s effect that negates Trap Cards make that less likely, but Mystical Space Typhoon and Swarm of Locusts are still threats to Amplifier.


Jinzo is a reliable card that neutralizes all Trap Cards on the field. If your opponent has a mix of Trap Cards like Gravity Bind and Nightmare Wheel, Jinzo can stop these effects stone cold when it is Summoned. Jinzo’s unique effect to stop Trap Cards’ effects is something good to have in any Deck. However, if your opponent controls all of the good monsters and you have Jinzo on your side of the field, you can’t activate your Trap Cards. So, Jinzo negates Trap Cards, but it even negates your Trap Cards. For that, I would give Jinzo 4 stars. I would recommend Jinzo in any Deck. I also recommend putting an Amplifier in that Deck.

Thank you for your time!

Marc Guberti


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