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Thought Ruler Archfiend

January 4, 2012

Please check the announcements before looking at my blogs. I strongly recommend it!

Thought Ruler Archfiend is a Level 8 Physic Synchro Monster with 2700 ATK, 2300 DEF, and an amazing effect. You can pay 1000 life points to negate the effects of Trap and Spell Cards that target 1 Physic Type monster you control an destroy them. The better part of Thought Ruler Archfiend’s effect is that when you destroy one of your opponent’s monsters with Thought Ruler Archfiend, you gain life points equal to the original ATK of the destroyed monster. A good card to have nearby is Obsidian Dragon, a Dragon type Normal Level Four monster with 800 ATK and 2100 DEF. Obsidian Dragon is an amazing card because it destroys any Trap and Spell Cards that target 1 face-up DARK monster you control. Thought Ruler Archfiend is a DARK monster, so it does apply to Obsidian Dragons effect. This makes you less likely to use Thought Ruler Archfiend’s effect that requires you to pay 1000 life points.Thought Ruler Archfiend doesn’t require any Physic tuners.

This is what a Thought Ruler Archfiend looks like. The background makes the card look really cool. The very detailed wings and claws makes this card’s design intricate. I think Thought Ruler Archfiend is one of the best easy to play Synchro Monsters in the game.

Thank you for your time! Over 350 viewers!!


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