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Legend of the Blue Eyes White Dragon

January 3, 2012

This Yugioh Pack was the first pack ever tone released by Konami. Back when the Yugioh Trading Game was new, everyone marveled at the power of Blue Eyes White Dragon and Tri Horned Dragon. These cards are just legends now that sadly have no chance in the current Yugioh Game. Even though they are strong monsters, they lack effects, and effects are a monster’s most important part. Dark Magician and Red Eyes Black Dragon were very strong monsters, but without effects, they are in a sense weak to the current game. Again, these cards were the talk of Yugioh when the game first came to be. You must think that Konami made a bunch of effect-less monsters, and that may be the case for the first pack of cards. Back then, based on what I know about this card pack, Spell Cards at the time were by far the most important. The best Spell Cards that are still used today include Dark Hole, Swords of Revealing Light, and that must-have Raigeki that wipes out your opponent’s monsters. Trap Hole is still the most classic card in the game, and it originated from Konami’s first pack, Legend of the Blue Eyes White Dragon. Now, many types of Trap Holes exist in the game of Yugioh. Legend of the Blue Eyes Dragon was one of those packs that gave everyone a chance to win because Trap and Spell Cards could easily overpower monsters. Even though we love to use them, cards like Obsidian Dragon protect your monsters from Trap and Spell Cards, making your opponent’s face-downs seem worthless. What about Jinzo. Jinzo makes Trap Cards completely worthless! I will easily admit that Yugioh is much more advanced than its first years, but not everyone is able to win. Now, in the game of Yugioh, there is competition. You must go above and beyond to get the best of cards into your Deck to defeat your opponent. ATK and DEF do not matter as much as a monster’s effect anymore. However, adding effects to monsters provide very close duels that could be the best of the best.

So, now I ask you. Do you think everyone can win in a game of Yugioh? Does everyone get an equal chance to win? Monsters with effects bring more complication to this question, but I guess it depends on the Decks. What do you think? Please Comment. All comments are greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your time!





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