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Did Everything Ever Just Go Upside Down For You?

December 30, 2011

Well, in a game of Yugioh yesterday, yes, everything went upside down for me. I was dueling a friend in one of those “Gravity Bind” Duels when he used Black Rose Dragon to destroy everything on the field. Then, he played a monster, had it attack and played a face-down card. I was still in the duel, but with a lot of spare cards in my hand. This was my DARK Deck, and let me say that I didn’t have many Trap/Spell Cards to protect my monsters at the time. So, I played a Field Spell card that gives all DARK monsters a 500 ATK boost. So, I play Obsidian Dragon in Attack Position to beat my opponent’s monster (1800 ATK). So then I played United We Stand on my Obsidian Dragon giving it 2100 ATK. Then, I removed from play 7 DARK monsters in my Graveyard to Special Summon the Secret Rare Rainbow Dark Dragon. One of my monsters removed was Dark Nephthys, a monster with 2400 ATK. I brought it back to my side of the field with a Trap Card, and used Riroku on the monster my opponent controlled. Dark Nephthys gained the 900 ATK. So, here it was: Obsidian Dragon- 3700 ATK, Rainbow Dark Dragon- 4500 ATK, and Dark Nephthys- 3800 ATK. It looked like a slaughter, but my opponent’s face-down card was a Mirror Force. I had nothing to top it and I lost the duel. I had everything perfectly aligned too. WHY?!?


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