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Elemental Heroes

December 29, 2011

The Elemental Heroes, stars of the GX Generation are what everyone once tried to make a deck of. If you think of the Elemental Heroes, then you will instantly think about Polymerization. These heroes (most of them) had low ATK and no effects. Their Fusions are something different. The Elemental Heroes were like a collection. Many people wanted to collect all of the Fusions as well as the Normal Monsters. Many duelists wanted to get to Fusion monsters quickly meaning 3 Polymerizations in one Elemental Hero Deck. Fusion Gate didn’t hurt either. However, each hero had its own equip card. Sparkman used his Sparkblaster, Clayman used his Clay Charge, and Bubbleman had his Bubble Blaster. In my opinion, the 2 best Elemental Heroes (excluding Fusions) were the two that were not in the anime. These 2 heroes are Elemental Hero Heat and Elemental Hero Lady Heat. These heroes are strong and have good effects. I think that only if you always have a Polymerization in your hand will you ever reach the full potential of an Elemental Hero Deck.


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