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H2O-The Water Edition

December 28, 2011

Do you have a Yugioh Deck that houses Water monsters? Well, I think that Water Decks are very interesting. When you design a Deck that has monsters with the same attribute and closely related types for each monster, then you have one of the toughest Decks out there. For example, there are specific cards that protect only Water monsters. Some cards only protect a monster based on its type (Aqua, Sea Serpent, etc). So, Water Decks can have many different forms. You can have a frog or fish deck, but I would prefer keeping it to these simple manners: Water monsters that are either Fish, Sea Serpents, or Aqua types. You would be shocked at what you could find. Let’s start things off with what some people may overlook. Even though it is commonly used in a Crystal Beast Deck, I highly recommend Crystal Beast Emerald Tortoise to any Water Deck since it is a Water/Aqua monster with 2000 DEF and a good effect. With two Dupe Frogs on your side of the field, your opponent cannot declare an attack. While this is happening, weak Water monsters such as Drill Barnacle can slide past your opponent’s monsters and attack directly. I recommend Drill Barnacle because every time it inflicts Battle Damage to your opponent, Drill Barnacle gains 1000 ATK. If you want a stronger Drill Barnacle, then the best Water monster for the job is Star Boy who makes all Water monsters gain 500 ATK and he also makes all Fire monsters lose 400 ATK. Poseidon Wave, Levia-Dragon-Daedalus, Nightmare Penguin, Mother Grizzly, Jawsman, and so many other Water monsters help to form a Water Deck. Also, A Legendary Ocean is better than Umi. I just wanted to point that out since Umi is a very common card. There are so many opportunities if you create a Water Deck.


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