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Order of Chaos (Spoiler)

December 20, 2011
Please be warned that this pack has not yet been released. This is a spoiler.
Order of Chaos will be released on January 24, 2012. Number C39: Utopia Ray (2500 ATK and 2000 DEF) is the monster on the front cover. This XYZ Monster requires 3 LIGHT Monsters to XYZ Summon it. To make playing this card easier, you can make Number 39: Utopia become the only XYZ Material. XYZ Materials equip to Number 39: Utopia become equip to Number C39: Utopia. When you have less than 1000 life points, you can detach one XYZ Material from this card. Then, this card gains 500 ATK and one of your opponent’s monsters loses 1000 ATK. These effects last until the End Phase.
Many new cards such as Kuribolt are going to make a new change in Yugioh for the start of a New Year. Kuribolt is a good card to detach all of your opponent’s XYZ Monster’s from his/her XYZ Monsters. Then, you can Special Summon a number of Kuribolts equal to the amount of XYZ Materials that were detached from the XYZ Monster.
Now there’s a new Dark Blade. His name is Dark Blade the Captain of the Evil World. He can attach your opponent’s LIGHT Monsters to himself. Then, if Dark Blade the Captain of the Evil World would be destroyed, then you can destroy one of teh attached LIGHT Monsters instead. I would keep an eye on this card. I bet that the Yugioh Company will soon release a Yugioh Pack that has a profusion of LIGHT Monsters.
Also, we have been introduced to one of the longest names in Yugioh Card History. With 2200 ATK and an unknown DEF and unknown effect, here is the long name: Interplanetarypurplythorny Dragon. I know! Long name!
Finally, what’s better than one defender? The answer is the Continuous Spell Card known as Double Defender. Once per turn, if you control 2 face-up Defense Position monsters, you can negate one of your opponent’s attacks. 
I will not go any further. Yugioh wikia has more on the topic, but overall, I think that this is will be a popular pack. Thank you for your time.      

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