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Fusion Monsters

December 20, 2011

Fusion Monsters have most certainly become harder to play. Fusion Gate and Polymerization with various monsters from your hand gave you a Fusion Monster such as the Elemental Heros. In fact, the Elemental Heros were Fusion Monsters in their prime. Lately, playing a Fusion Monster has become harder. Synchro Monsters that cannot be in your hand ever must be Summoned onto the field before a Fusion Summon. So now you must get the Synchro Monster(s) and the Fusion Materials as well as Fusion Gate or Polymerization. I noticed the many counterparts in teh Fusion Summoning of Gaia Drake, the Universal Force in my last blog. This Gaia is a very strong monster with 3500 ATK and immunity to monster effects, but what are the costs? You need a Gaia the Force of Earth and another Synchro Monster without an effect (I can’t think of a Synchro Monster other than Gaia the Force of Earth that has no effect). These Synchro Monsters can easily be replaced by the other Synchros with good effects. Why can’t we go back to the method used by the Elemental Heros (Avain, Clayman, Bubbleman, etc.)? Those were the good days to make Fusion Summons. If Yugioh does something new with the Fusions, then I hope that the Fusion Materials have effects instead of descriptions. I know Synchro/XYZ Summoning may already be a substitute for Fusion Summoning, but Konami cannot get rid of old traditions (but they should not be used too much). I would like to see a pack that is dedicated to Fusion Monsters that are better and easier to play than the most recent (and past) ones. I will say that Konami has already taken a huge step with Fusion Monsters (some Fusions had 800 ATK and no effects. Those were some of the first. Now Fusions  have good effects and high ATK/DEF). I hope that we see more Fusion Monsters in the New Year.


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