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Photon Shockwave Booster Pack Review

November 16, 2011

The new Yugioh pack was released in November with new twists and turns. I saw some good cards, but a lot of repeated cards. The repeated cards are not word for word, but as I explain, you may get the idea. Other cards are unmatched by the older Yugioh Cards.

To start things off, I think that the Evolsaur and Evolite combination is a weaker version of the Gladiator Beast Combination. For example, Evolsaur Diplo has 100 more ATK than Gladiator Bestria. Their effects are the same (when it is Special Summoned from the effect of another Gladiator Beast/Evolite, you can destroy one Spell or Trap Card on the field. From what I saw in the first few cards, the Evolsaurs are dependent for the Evolites. However, the Gladiator Beasts feed off each other in a cycle. The Evolsaurs do not return to the Deck after they are attacked/attack. Also, the new card Tribe Shocking Virus allows you to discard one monster from your hand. Then all monsters with that type on the field are destroyed. Great! But what about the older Tribe Infecting Virus. With only 100 less ATK, Tribe Infecting Virus allows you to discard any card from your hand (Monster, Trap, or Spell Card) and you can declare any type of monster you want, and the same effect still applies. Finally, Rabidragon is strong with 2950 ATK, but it doesn’t have an effect (thank goodness it is a common card). Tyrant Dragon is a good replacement for your Decks. With 2900 (only 50 ATK less than Rabidragon), you Tribute the same amount of monsters, and Tyrant Dragon is UNAFFECTED BY TRAP CARDS, and Tyrant Dragon can attack up to two times (if your opponent has more than 1 monster upon this card’s first attack). So, which card do you prefer? I also find it annoying that a group of cards have become weaker. The Gladiator Beasts, DARKS (from Phantom of Darkness), Plants (from the pack with Black Rose Dragon), Naturias, and even Watts have all been good throughout the years. However, I am not crazy about the new groups (Wind-Up, Evolsaurs, etc.). The Photon Group might be worth a look.

As with EVERY Yugioh Pack, there are always good cards. I do not keep an eye on many Trap or Spell Cards until later on. These were the cards that I found were good. Most of these cards can be put into any Deck.


Junk Defender

With 500 ATK and 1800 DEF, you can Special Summon Junk Defender from your hand if you are being attacked directly. Once per turn, during each of your and your opponent’s turns, this card gains 300 DEF. So, if you play this card on your turn, then Junk Defender will have 2400 DEF when your opponent plays a monster.


Sergeant Electro

With 1600 ATK and 1300 DEF, Sergeant Electro has a Xing Zhu Hu replica effect once per turn. So, in five turns, your opponent may not be able to use any of his or her Spell/Trap Cards. If you are considering Sergeant Electro, then you must have a way of protecting it.


Needle Sunfish

With 1500 ATK and 100 DEF, Needle Sunfish can weaken one of your opponent’s face-up monsters when it is destroyed and sent to the Graveyard by 500 ATK. This ATK decrease is permanent on the selected monster until it is taken off of the field.


Alexandrite Dragon

This monster has no effect, but it is a Level Four monster with a lot of power. 2000 ATK can easily tear apart other Level Four monsters. If you want a Beat Down Deck, then Alexandrite Dragon is currently the perfect card for the job.


Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon

This card is an obvious favorite (since it is on the pack’s cover), and it is strong as well. With Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon’s 3000 ATK and 2500 DEF packs a strong effect, but a hard price. To play Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon, you must Tribute two monsters with over 2000 ATK. With an effect similar to Neo-Spacian Grand Mole, when Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon attacks or is attacked, you can remove from play (banish) both the attacking monster and attacked monster until the End Phase. If Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon’s effect was used on an XYZ Monster, then this card gains 500 ATK equal to the number of XYZ Material Monsters on the XYZ Monster. Right now, XYZ Monsters are rarely used as the legacy of Synchro Monsters is hard to match (The Rank 5-8 XYZ Monsters are almost impossible ot play). There will not be as many XYZ Monsters out in the open as there will be a year later, so I would get this card to prepare for that time. It is still a very strong and reliable card even if your opponent does not control any XYZ Monsters.


Damage Diet

The only Trap Card on the list. Damage Diet halves any damage you take in one turn. Then, when it is in your Graveyard, you can remove it from play (or banish it) to half any effect damage you take on a particular turn. The 2 effects of this card do not have to be used on the same turn, but they can be.


One Day of Peace

Talk about a diplomatic treaty! One Day of Peace allows both players to draw one card. Then both players cannot lose any life points until the End Phase of your opponent’s next turn. Don’t play this card if you have a Beat Down Deck.


This is my review for the new Yugioh Booster Pack, Photon Shockwave. I hope you enjoyed this review. Please respond and ask any questions you have about my recommendations. 




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