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Cards of the Day

October 17, 2011

Deep Sea Diva

This card is the perfect addition for a Sea-Serpent Deck. Deep Sea Diva is a Level Two Tuner that allows you to Special Summon one Level Three Sea-Serpent Monster from your Deck. If you have a Level Five Synchro Monster in your Extra Deck, you can Synchro Summon right away. Also, Deep Sea Diva’s effect gives you more defense, making it the perfect card to put into a Sea-Serpent Deck.


Pineapple Blast

When you Normal Summon a monster, your opponent must destroy a monster(s) on his/her side of the field until he/she has the same amount of monsters as you. If you have one monster, and your opponent has five monsters, then your opponent will end up with only one monster on his/her side of the field!


Mirage Tube

When your opponent attacks one of your face-up monsters, he/she loses 1000 life points. If you are playing with 4000 life points, then your opponent would be down to 3000 (he\she lost 25% of their life points).


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