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Strategy #4

October 15, 2011

Dark Armed Dragon is a very useful card for a DARK Deck that can destroy one card on the field if you remove from play one DARK Monster from your Graveyard. You can remove from play one of your strongest monsters with this effect, preventing you and your opponent from using Monster Rebirn on that monster. However, if you have an Escape from the Dark Dimmension in your hand, you can bring back that monster. I would not use a Monster Reborn because if you do, Dark Armed Dragon would have to remove from play another DARK Monster with its effect. I would use Dark Armed Dragon’s effect on all of my opponent’s face-down cards, use Escape from the Dark Dimmension, and then use Monster Reborn on either your or your opponent’s Graveyard. Only use Monster Reborn to bring back a card from your Graveyard if your opponent has no face-down Trap and Spell Cards left on the field. This is obviously for a Beat Down Deck.


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