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Strategy #1

October 12, 2011

This is my first blog about strategy. These blogs will give you a good strategy that you can use in your advantage. One of my strategies is on Twitter, but I am now goind to use blogs.

Interdimmensional Matter Transport is a very under rated Trap Card that removes from play one of your monsters until the end of the turn. Fiber Jar is a Monster Card that when flipped face-up, all cards in your and your opponent’s hand and Graveyard are united to the Deck. Then the Decks are shuffled and both players draw five cards. What I am telling you to do is use Interdimmensional Matter Transport on your strongest monster (not Fiber Jar). This monster would return to your side of the field during the End Phase of the turn. Assuming that you flipped Fiber Jar on your turn, you can still play a monster that can attack your defenseless opponent. Also, if Fiber Jar’s effect is used on your opponent’s turn, your strong monster that will come back will make your opponent reconsider what he/she does. This is Strategy #1 




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