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Burn Decks

October 12, 2011

Burn Decks are not Decks with only FIRE Monsters, but they are Decks designed to inflict damage to your opponent’s life points. Monster, Trap, and Spell Cards will all play an important role to depleating your opponent’s life points. The most important card that you can place in a Burn Deck is Gravity Bind. Not many people may agree with me (since Gravity Bind does not inflict damage to your opponent’s life points), but if you opponent cannot attack with his/her monsters, you can play Burn Monsters such as Solar Flare Dragon and Boweigan that inflict damage to your opponent’s life points. These monsters won’t be able to be attacked by stronger monsters if Gravity Bind is on the field. Also, Fire Princess and Spell Absorbsion is a perfect combination as well. Each time a Spell Card is played, you gain 500 life points due to Spell Absorbtion’s effect, and Fire Princess inflicts 500 points of damage to your opponent’s life points. You can play 3 Spell Cards, gain 1500 life points, and inflict 1500 points of damage to your opponent on the same turn. This cycle also works if your opponent activates a Spell Card. Chaos Emperor Dragon is the definition of a Burn Deck, but then most of your monsters would have to be LIGHT and DARK. To replace Chaos Emperor Dragon, you can use Secret Barrel, a Trap Card that inflicts damage to your opponent’s life points x200 for each card in his/her hand and for is/her cards on his/her sidde of the field. Magic Cylinder is the perfect card for a Burn Deck because it negates an attack and makes your opponent lose life points equal to the attacking monster’s ATK. Blast Sphere (a monster) has a similar effect, but the attacking monster will eventually get destroyed. Card Destruction and Skull Invitation (a card that inflicts 300 points of damage to a player times the amount of cards that are sent to their Graveyard) are a perfect combination as long as you have no cards in your hand. Spell Cards like Hinotama also get the job done, but if you want dynamic results, put Magical Reflect Slime and Amazon Women into your Deck. These cards make your opponent lose the points that you would have lost from battle involving those cards. Any monster without a Burn Effect should either have high ATK and/or DEF. This Deck will become your worst nightmare if your opponent controls a Prime Material Dragon or Black-Winged Dragon (these cards make damage from Burn Decks become 0. Prime Material Dragon makes you gain the same amount of life points while Black-Winged Dragon can make the owner of a Burn Deck lose a serious amount of life points. That is why you must have a card that can destroy other card(s) on the field. I am confident that you will be happy if you follow my Burn Deck guide.


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