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Cards of the Day

October 11, 2011

Everyday, I will try my best to give you a blog about three cards of the day (1 Monster Card, 1 Trap Card, and 1 Spell Card). I will start in the following order: Monster, Trap, Spell, but all cards will be good in its own way. I will list possible combinations if there are any for these cards. This is my first blog concerning Cards of the Day.


Goblindbergh is a Level Four Normal Monster with 1400 ATK and 0 DEF. Goblindbergh can be found in the newest pack Zexal-Generation Force. Goblindbergh allows you to Special Summon one Level Four Monster from your hand. After this, Goblindbergh is switched to face-up Defense Position. Goblindbergh may be easily destroyed, but you get an extra monster on your side of the field. This card especially helps with Tribute Summons of XYZ and Synchro Monsters. This card works well with the Tricky (you can discard one card from your hand to Special Summon this card from your hand, but do not discard Goblindbergh) and Double Summon (a Spell Card that allows you to Normal Summon an extra monster this turn). Goblindbergh is like Double Summon or a Normal Summon+the Tricky (Special Summon). If you draw all of these cards at the same time and you discard a Goldd, Wu Lord of the Darkworld (this card is Special Summoned when it is discarded from your hand to the Graveyard), then you will have five monsters on your side of the field with one card to spare. Goblindbergh is one of the many ways to Special Summon a monster from your hand.

Mirror Force

Mirror Force is obviously known as “the card that destroys all of your opponent’s monsters”. Most or all of your opponent’s monsters will be destroyed depending on how many monsters are in Attack Position. Their is an “Alien” Yugioh Card that has a similar effect to the famed Mirror Force, but the “Alien” Card requires A-Counters to use its effect. Mirror Force can stop an opponent’s attack and leave them in a turbulent situation. Mirror Force has also appeared in a variety of locations. Mirror Force was put into one of the very first Yugioh Packs, then it was moved to another pack that had all of the good cards from the Dark Beginning Packs (including Mirror Force). Then, Mirror Force hit a major drought; it did not appear in any of the GX Packs. However, new hope for Yugioh fans bloomed like a flower when Mirror Force and many other rare cards were available in the Yugi Pack. Since then, Mirror Force has been easy to find because it is in the two Structure Decks, Dragunity Legion and Dawn of the XYZ. Mirror Force has been so easy to find nowadays because it is such a good card.

Axe of Despair

Axe of Despair is also an old card that serves as an Equip Spell Card for any monster that you control. This card gives your monster 1000 ATK, enough firepower to destroy nearly any card. A Red Dragon Archfiend can have 4000 ATK Points with Axe of Despair. This card is a big enhancer.


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